Nomad's Journal

I'm English, I'm in my 20s 30s, and I write, both as a living and for a hobby. This is mostly a fannish journal, where I'll post icons, links to my new fic, and other general waffle.

You can find my fanfiction archived here or here, and my fic recs are over at nomads_gen_recs. I also run the doomfans community for fans of Marvel's Doctor Doom.

  PixelArt SG-1 mood theme by me; if you'd like to use it you can grab it from here.

Friends lists, friending policies, and other misleading names:
I use my "friends" list purely as a daily reading list, and I try to keep it fairly short. So I'm most likely to add people if they don't post too often and most of their posts are about my active fandoms or interests. I tend to assume other people use their lists the same way, so I'm not in the least offended by defriending, filtering, or other random shufflings. I very seldom put anything under friendslock, so if you're not on the list you're really not missing anything.
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